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Donation Boxes

Make a difference in the lives
of many children

When you donate to It Is Well Foster Care Inc., you’re joining us in our efforts to ensure that every Georgia child has a loving, safe and nurturing family. Your donation will support our important work of finding homes for Georgia children and supporting all Georgia adoptive families through ongoing education and post adoption support. Your generous contribution to our cause of providing quality care to foster minors is tax deductible.


Here are some of the ways your donations help:

Your Contribution Is of Great Importance

Tilting The World Towards Love
School Supplies & Books

At the beginning of every school year we really strive to obtain donations to get school supplies and books for our foster children. These supplies include; pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc. We continue to collect these items throughout the year to distribute them whenever a foster child may need them.

Care Kits

Our care kits which provide bags, hair brushes, toothbrushes, and other necessities to our foster children are of great help for the children's transition to a new home. We offer these kits to all of our newly placed foster children.

Activities & Gifts

It Is Well uses your generous donations to purchase gifts, gift cards, and other accessories for our foster children. It Is Well is always working to create new activities for our foster children. Lastly, if our sponsors allow us, It Is Well may use a small portion of generous donations to help host events during holidays and summer time.     


Our next project is to create programs that provide tutoring for our foster children when they need it, as well as DARE type programs which will educate our kids about drug abuse 

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