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Foster Care

At It Is Well, children’s safety and well-being are our top priorities. We match children and youth with temporary foster families and permanent families who provide the stable, loving homes they need to succeed.


Safety And Stability

If a child cannot be safely returned to their biological family’s home, It Is Well will assist the Department of Family and Children Services in the permanent placement of the child.

Recruitment and Training for Foster Parents

There is always a need for more foster parents in Georgia. It Is Well offers training, guidance and support for prospective foster parents as they go through the application process and seek their licenses. 

Due to the varying needs of It Is Well’s children and youth, we provide specialized, ongoing training for our licensed foster parents. By equipping foster families to best care for the children and teens we serve, we ensure that foster youth get the care that they need and minimize the need for placements with multiple foster families. To learn more about becoming a foster parent use the button below to request a Foster Parent Information meeting.

Family Time

Becoming a Foster Parent

By becoming a foster parent with It Is Well, you’ll do more than foster a child in need. With unique support and resources from our team of experts, you’ll provide the care, patience and guidance that every child deserves.

Support Services

We are always in need of more foster parents to provide safe, loving homes. Join us for an upcoming foster parent orientation to learn more. It Is Well’s philosophy for becoming a foster parent is simple: If you’re able to open your home to Georgia children and youth, we’d like to talk to you. If you’re curious about how to become foster parent, contact us to learn more. At our informational meeting, you’ll learn in detail about how to apply to become a foster parent in Georgia and what it takes to foster a child.


Foster Care

It Is Well’s foster care program is specifically designed to assist foster children in receiving intensive services such as specialized case management, mental health, and more. 

When the Department  Of Family and Children Services (DFCS) determines that a child is unsafe in their biological family’s home, they refer the child to us. We establish a specialized care team of our social workers, family workers and medical personnel to identify the child’s needs and connect them with a highly-trained foster family who provides therapeutic support from the start.

Our teams make regular visits to the foster home and are available around the clock. We offer Intensive Placement Stabilization Services, monitor the child’s progress through ongoing case management, manage referrals to any outside services and provide ongoing training and support to the foster family. Together, we ensure the child’s safety and offer the support, patience and guidance kids need.

Whenever possible, we work to reunite the child with their biological family. We collaborate with DFCS as they help parents successfully resolve the issues that led to the child’s removal from their home and ensure the child will be safe and well cared for.

For more information about fostering a child, please email us using the button below.

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